Hey everyone!


I'm a 22 year old traveler (most recently returned from sailing around the world) so if you have any questions about anywhere you might be off to or any advice for the solo traveler (or which groups to go with) please hit up my inbox. Otherwise I'd love to share my photography and thoughts with people.

In every case I'd love comments or questions about anything anytime. And I'll always follow back because I'm nice and I like everybody.

Also I do a series of photos for my Pitbull, Buddha - I rescued him from Miami Dade Animal Services. Pitbulls are illegal in Dade County, and the fact that he would've been killed for his breed got me involved in the world of pitbull rescue. To help fight the stereotype of the vicious pitbull and promote the idea of a well trained, well behaved family dog, I started a photo series with him. Traveling around and bringing my dog with me resulted in Buddha takes a walk - Pitbulls take a stand. Its usually him in front of landmarks as we travel around, telling people about his breed and stopping the prejudice these awesome dogs face.

Update* Buddha and I have moved to South Africa! More adventures to follow!
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