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I'm a 22 year old traveler (most recently returned from sailing around the world) so if you have any questions about anywhere you might be off to or any advice for the solo traveler (or which groups to go with) please hit up my inbox. Otherwise I'd love to share my photography and thoughts with people.

In every case I'd love comments or questions about anything anytime. And I'll always follow back because I'm nice and I like everybody.

Also I do a series of photos for my Pitbull, Buddha - I rescued him from Miami Dade Animal Services. Pitbulls are illegal in Dade County, and the fact that he would've been killed for his breed got me involved in the world of pitbull rescue. To help fight the stereotype of the vicious pitbull and promote the idea of a well trained, well behaved family dog, I started a photo series with him. Traveling around and bringing my dog with me resulted in Buddha takes a walk - Pitbulls take a stand. Its usually him in front of landmarks as we travel around, telling people about his breed and stopping the prejudice these awesome dogs face.

Update* Buddha and I have moved to South Africa! More adventures to follow!


CALLING ALL TEACHERS! Or people in schools of education! I have an AMAZING opportunity for you here in South Africa - I’m setting up a small internship program that lasts between 6 and 12 weeks where you teach a single student from 8 am to 1 pm (subject to slight changes depending on the situation, but not more than five hours) daily with your own lesson plans and receive a small stipend as well as free room and board on a sustainable organic farm (you can pick veggies and fruits from the garden as needed!) in return!!! In your down time, you are free to use transportation provided (as long as you have a valid drivers license) to explore the most beautiful coastline in the world - pristine beaches and epic forested mountains you say?!? Not to mention, you get the unique and exciting experience of life here in South Africa. It is an incredible place for you to learn and grow on your own, all while getting a small income and a free private place to stay! Trust me, this is an opportunity of a lifetime and if ANYONE you know who is either a teacher or working on their degree in teaching has free time this summer (starting in May and running through until October) and is interested in applying please email me at cazeaglefeather@gmail.com for a brochure and an application! 

Feel free to pass this along! I would really appreciate it! (if you’d like you can even post this in your respective universities school of education pages, that would be awesomely helpful! Thanks everybody!)

Township Living

Kheylitsha, Delft, Mitchell’s Plain and elsewhere on the Cape Flats, just outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Buddha Takes a Walk - Pitbulls Take a Stand (Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa)

Buddha Takes a Walk - Pitbulls Take a Stand (Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa)

Happy Birthday to my fabulous Mr. Buddha. It’s been a fantastic two and a half years together and I’m thankful to be able to mark his third birthday here in South Africa. Moving from Miami to Cape Town has certainly turned him into an African Wild Dog, and while we’ve had our fair share of hurdles I’m happy he’s been here with me to conquer this new city together. He’s all the family I have on this continent and I can’t imagine my days without him. Love you Senor Bubs! (ps. the cake is dog friendly - made with oats, sweet potato, carrots, banana and cottage cheese/plain yogurt icing… and some droewors!)

Wildebeest of the Serengeti

Wildebeest of the Serengeti

Runaway: Township Adrenaline

An overview of what working in a free day hospital in a township outside of Cape Town is really like. Feel free to read and comment! 

Buddha at the beach for a break after I worked a 9 hour ER shift in my township public hospital. Loving life here in SA.

Buddha at the beach for a break after I worked a 9 hour ER shift in my township public hospital. Loving life here in SA.

Runaway: Girls Like Guys Who're Circumcised

Want to read all about South African penises? Because I spent all day in the surgery theater of a hospital clinic where I work getting up close and personal with lots of people’s genitalia! 

Birds of Kenya

Birds of Tanzania

Runaway: The Desert Nation

Did you know the Germans committed a genocide before the Holocaust?

You didn’t?! Well you should probably read about it because it’s pretty horrifying. And no one knows/cares about it because it was in Africa. But they had the whole eugenics-fueled mad scientist and concentration/death camps down pat the only thing they upgraded was the zyklon b. 

Yeah, I’m that angry about it. 

Also, here’s some history of Namibia.

ps. I know in the blog post I only sourced Wikipedia because I was just doing it quickly in case people had no idea what I was referencing. If you want to read further on it you can try here:http://ppu.org.uk/genocide/g_namibia1.html

And here’s a BBC article about the German “apology” in 2004: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/3565938.stm

Lastly, this site has some telling photos and history: http://www.ezakwantu.com/Gallery%20Herero%20and%20Namaqua%20Genocide.htm